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Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood – because they have been in a car accident, have cancer, have kidney disease or are in surgery. We all know someone who has needed blood to save their life – a family member, loved one, colleague or neighbor.


The purpose of Replenish –the-Supply is to build a community of blood donors to work together to replenish these life-saving gifts of blood. One-by-one the pints of blood are given and then recorded on our website. Once a person’s gift is replenished we move on as a community to replenish the gift of blood that was given to the next person. By donating blood to replenish these gifts we are helping other people who need blood. One donation of blood can help three people.


Whether this is the first time you’ve ever thought about giving blood, you give blood occasionally or you’re a regular blood donor – this is your opportunity to join us and donate blood to “replenish the supply” of a life-saving gift. Or, if you’re close to someone whose life was saved by a gift of blood, share the story on the website. So we can feature the story and work together to “replenish the supply”.

Featured Story: Denny Nelson

In March, 2009 my father, Denny Nelson, received 3 units of blood when he was taken to the hospital after a significant decline in his health and a serious fall. Read more >

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