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Featured Story: Denny Nelson

Name: Denny Nelson Age: 83 From: Mankato, MN Units Used: 50 Percent Replenished: 28%

In March, 2009 my father, Denny Nelson, received 3 units of blood when he was taken to the hospital after a significant decline in his health and a serious fall. During the next 6 months he received treatment for a number of medical conditions including internal bleeding which was not pin-pointed until late summer. During this time he received another 27 units of blood. Over the next 6 years, my father was in and out of the hospital many times – most often receiving blood during his visits because of internal bleeding and advancing kidney disease. He passed way in February, 2015. His life was extended more than 6 years because of life-saving gift of blood. He received 50 units of blood from people who were generous enough to give the "gift of life". Our family will never know those peoples' names, recognize their faces, or be able to thank them personally, but Denny owes 6 years of his life to them. Initially, it was my intent to "repay" the 3 units of blood my father received. When the number of units reached 7, I realized I would need some help to repay this gift in a timely fashion - repaying 7 units by myself would take me over a year. Perhaps family members or some close friends could help me. When the number reached the 20's and then eventually 50, it became clear to me that a greater effort was needed. Replenish the Supply is the result of that effort. Please join with me in helping "repay" this "gift of life". Maybe this will be the only time you give blood; maybe you'll become a regular donor; maybe you've been a regular donor for years. Whichever describes you, thank you, you are helping save lives. ~Jody Seppmann, Denny’s Daughter

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